June, 2018


A recent Holmes Lab publication, “The human cortex possesses a reconfigurable dynamic network architecture that is disrupted in psychosis” (Reinen et al., 2018), has been selected for the Complexity Research in Nature Communications collection! Check out the full collection by following this link, or download the original article here!

April, 2018

Monica Rosenberg_cropped_square1

A massive congratulations to Holmes/FAB lab post-doctoral researcher Monica Rosenberg, who will officially be joining the faculty at the University of Chicago as Assistant Professor of Psychology in the summer of 2019! More information about Monica’s exceptional work on topics including attention and predictive modeling can be found on her website. Congrats, Monica!

August, 2017




The Holmes Lab is thrilled to welcome several new additions to the lab as we begin the 2017-2018 academic year! Meghan Collins and Rowena Chin will be joining the lab as graduate students in the Clinical and Neuroscience areas, respectively, Monica Rosenberg is our new Post-doctoral Researcher, and David Gruskin is the new Lab Manager/Research Assistant. We’re looking forward to an exciting and productive year!

January, 2017



Happy 2017 from Holmes Lab!

August, 2016


We’ve got some new additions to the lab! We’d like to welcome new Lab Manager Bradley Wise, Clinical Psychology graduate student Erica Ho, and Lauren Patrick as she transitions from Lab Manager to graduate student in the Neuroscience area of the Psychology program.

August, 2016


Avram Holmes has been honored by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation! Click here for the full article.




January, 2016

Are you a true introvert? Avram Holmes discusses introversion and extroversion in recent PBS SciTech now article.

January, 2016

Holmes Lab-2016




Happy 2016 from Holmes Lab!



July, 2015


Attention neuro-nerds… The GSP data release descriptor has been published in Nature Scientific Data. Please disseminate widely and use responsibly.

March, 2015


Kevin Anderson has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program Fellowship! His project will examine the subcortical signals that dynamically track spatial proximity to reward, a key component of sustained motivation and goal pursuit.

December, 2014

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Happy Holidays from Holmes Lab!


October, 2014


We are excited to announce that a substantial portion the Brain Genomics Superstruct Project dataset has been made freely available to the broader scientific community. Interested users can visit the Harvard University Dataverse to learn more. An associated manuscript fully detailing the project goals and dataset will follow shortly. Happy hunting!

July, 2014



Holmes Lab has relocated from Boston to the Department of Psychology at Yale University in New Haven.